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Summer Camp  Get ready for school in just a few weeks INFANS

Summer Camp Get ready for school in just a few weeks

Summer Camp Get ready for school in just a few weeks

In the year leading up to my eldest son starting school, I didn’t spend as much time with him as I had hoped.

I had just launched 100 Toys, we moved house, and my wife was pregnant with our fourth child.

I’m sure you understand. Life with young children is busy. I had hoped to spend time doing lots of crafts and all the fun and relationship-building activities that I have subsequently put into Get Set Five

I had the best intentions, but life got in the way.

But I knew that it wasn’t too late.

I’m not a pushy parent but, at the same time, I think children benefit from a gentle nudge. As they make progress, they start to feel better about themselves. They believe that they are capable and this encourages them to try new things.

It’s a virtuous circle.

So that summer, I made a concerted effort. It didn’t take long. A story at bedtime, a few minutes a day learning letters and sounds and some fun crafts for fine motor development and pencil grip.

By the first week in September, he could write his name, read simple books and dress himself. He felt good about himself, competent and capable.

"A fundamental goal of a school-start transition is to help young children feel suitable in school, that is, to have a feeling of well-being and belonging"

Stig Brostrom, Educationalist

Get Set Five Summer Camp

What is Summer Camp?

Summer Camp is not Get Set Five. The modules are taken from Get Set Five but modified for the shorter timeframe.

There are also 9 bonus modules on subjects that I think are important to know but which take a little longer to implement. You can look at these when you have the time.

And, at the end of the course is Future Camp, a collection of modules on deeper topics and child development. It’s designed to help you navigate that first year at school and beyond.

"Competence is the foundation of happiness"

William Cobbett

Boy making marks in sand

How long does it take?

Summer Camp is a series of daily emails and lasts for two weeks. Long enough to cover the material but short enough for time-pressured parents to fit in over a busy summer. The modules contain timeless activities that you can return to over the coming months. They will serve you long after school has begun.

How much is it?

Summer camp is £25. There's a 7-day money-back guarantee so you can get halfway through the course before deciding if it's right for you.

What ages is it suitable for?

Summer Camp is designed for preschoolers who are getting ready to start school.

However, if your child doesn't start school until next year but is itching to get started (like my youngest was) the material is still beneficial.

Can I upgrade?

If you sign up for Summer Camp and decide that you’d like to try the full Get Set Five course, you can pay the difference and upgrade. Just drop me an email at any point.

You can learn more about Summer Camp here.