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5 Tips Parents  Need To Know On How to Choose  High Chair INFANS

5 Tips Parents Need To Know On How to Choose High Chair

5 Tips Parents Need To Know On How to Choose High Chair

High Chairs Injuries

Choosing the right high chairs
for our babies is very important. A study indicated that every hour, one child is treated in a U.S. Emergency Room for such injuries. That’s 24 children every day — 9,400 children each year! But as new born parents, We don't have any experience and we never brought one before. Don't worry, here's 5 most crucial tips we gonna give it to you to help you choose the right high chair.

Tips Number one:When Do You Need a High Chair?

Normally around 6 months. When the kid can sit up by themself and eating solid food.

Tips Number Two: Functionality

Before you buy it, there's few questions you have to consider.

Does it foldable?

For certain places we may not use it too often, such as his grandparent's home, so foldability one of the things we need to think.

Does it have lockable wheels?

Pushing the chair to the table for the meals and then back against a wall for storage are the two movements we do it often, so it is very necessary to have the lockable wheels for the high chair.

Does it grow with the Baby?

Babies are growing fast. But today most of the high chairs come with a transition option, that meas the seat can be used as a comfy cradle, in an upright position for first-time feeding, as a toddler booster for independent eaters, and maybe more.


Does it easy to ues and comes with a feeding tray?

When we are dealing with the baby, most of the time we are in multitasking, open the high chair by one hand will help us a alot.

Tips Number Three: Safety

Safety is always the most important thing when choosing a high chair. But most of the time, the incidents are caused by inproper use of the high-chairs.The American Academy of Pediatrics gives 6 quick high chair safety Tips

 When using a high chair, remember to:

  1. Make sure the high chair cannot be tipped over easily.
  2. If the chair folds, be sure it is locked each time you set it up.
  3. Whenever your child sits in the chair, use the safety straps, including the crotch strap. This will prevent your child from slipping down, which could cause serious injury or even death. Never allow your child to stand in the high chair.
  4. Do not place the high chair near a counter or table. Your child may be able to push hard enough against these surfaces to tip the chair over.
  5. Never leave a young child alone in a high chair, and do not allow older children to climb or play on it because this could also tip it over.
  6. A high chair that hooks onto a table is not a good substitute for a freestanding one. If you plan to use this type of chair when you eat out or travel, look for one that locks onto the table. Be sure the table is heavy enough to support your child's weight without tipping. Also, check to see whether your child's feet can touch a table support. If your child pushes against the table, it may dislodge the seat.
Does the high chair has the fonction of seat straps and also easily to buckle and unbuckle? 80% of the high-chair accidents happen because parents do not use the buckle feature. Using a three or five point harness can keeps our baby alway in safe.

Tips Number Four: Comfort

After all, an uncomfortable baby is not likely to be interested in mealtime at all. Soft, washing machine-friendly padding or a well-shaped seat will help baby stay comfortable and ready to eat and explore.

Tips Number Five: Cleanliness

As we all know, babies, they never eats peacefully.
At some point, when your baby becomes a toddler, he will start to learn to feed himself. You’ll need a high chair that’s easy to clean because — trust us — there will be spills, splatters and crumbs. Consider a high chair with removable parts or materials that can be wiped down easily to make cleaning a breeze.


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